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BJ Ramer "getting some air" on a jumping side kick!!!

  DECEMBER Test Session​

(Testing is conducted quarterly)

Belt testing was conducted during the first week of December at USA Martial Arts & Fitness. Everyone presented an EXCELLENT display of skill!! Congratulations to all the students that tested for their new belts!!

   "FUN" pics after promotions!!

And.....some "action" shots from past test sessions !

And, as always,......

Special thanks to our Staff of Black Belts and Leadership Team members for assisting the students with the test session!!!!


      ​Board Breaking 2020

Martial Art students of all ages and belt levels participated in a two night board breaking seminar at USA Martial Arts & Fitness, breaking over 200 boards over the two nights. Shihan Jon Bonner instructed the students on technique, emphasizing speed, power, focus, follow through, and confidence. He was assisted by Black Belt Instructors Connor Knowlan, Alexa Stianche, Ed Kane, and Brock Roberts. Multiple board and multiple station breaking routines were presented by the students. The first evening was instructional, with the second evening giving the students an opportunity to "show off" their breaks for family. All the breaking was done to high energy music, along with the instructors demonstrating some advanced breaks.


Little Dragons

Our Little Dragon classes meet on Tuesdays, with classes at 4:45PM and 5:15PM.

Along with learning all of their self defense basics, the Dragon Classes also complete other units on safety, bully prevention, water safety, along wth character building skills such as self discipline, attitude, focus, and respect, just to name a few.

Call Now to register for 2018 Fall

Classes.......668-0565 or 570-778-6970


Owl Creek "Haunted Hayride"

Annual Event

...held every Fall at Owl Creek Reservoir....

..and supported & haunted by the staff and cast of characters of USA-MA.. 

" A not so friendly stop along the Haunted Hayride....."

Carnival of Chaos staffed by USA-MA

& friends....and these are our friends!

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"You will never go to the circus again, but thanks for visiting....."